Above is a scan of actual feedback, from one of our Favorite Local Customers. This Lady Loves "K.C.W." so much that she gives it as gifts to friends and family and resells to others, and she is not the first to do that.., and THAT....., SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THE PRODUCT, TO USE IT, IS TO LOVE IT, BECAUSE IT WORKS SO WELL.

Friends, Just wanted to thank you all for keeping me supplied with your Kentucky Crystal Wonder.  I have been using it regularly on my arm which I tore up while moving.  I ran into a tree branch and took a hunk out of my arm.  I tried for two days to get the bleeding stopped as it was soaking through my bandage and nothing would stop it.  Then I applied your Kentucky Crystal Wonder to this wound and it burned at first, then it formed a coating over the wound and stopped the bleeding so I could get natural air to the wound. Within a day and a half it had started to heal.  Again thank you for the samples they have came in handy, better yet it works wonders. Regards, J.C. ____________________________________________________________________
Dave, I took it with me when I had to go to Dallas the same week of the Ebola mess.  I kept my hands covered in KCW during the entire 10 days I traveled in Texas. ...and by the way I had to pick up some equipment at the Texas Bio-medical Research Center while I was in San Antonio. (This is a 150 acre research site where they keep thousands of Monkey and Chimps to do research on. )   I was a little paranoid and put on fresh KCW before entering the site.   FYI: Our first test was that my wife had an infected fingernail...I had her treat it with KCW and it was gone overnight. She is now a fan. T.C. ____________________________________________________________________
Thank you for all you done I think you're really onto something awesome! Right now I'm using it on three or four other spots and they're already going away.  T.W. ____________________________________________________________________
 Hi Dave its good stuff! I have tried to get bit, grab nettles cut myself and it has made me invulnerable! Kidding I have not had an opportunity to use it! But my wife! She absolutely loves it. She used it on a couple of pre cancer breakouts on her face and it and it cured them back to normal. Kind of scary she said but she is totally impressed by it and believe me that girl is not impressed by much. I have not seen Harold yet to get him his for his agent orange skin cancer, hopeful to see him this week. Get your web site up! I believe you have a winner! L.
Same Customer In a later email ________________________
She's doing OK.... she is really liking your KY wonder. Her precancerous spots come and go constantly but she only uses one thing on them now!!!   L.

___________________ Same Customer In a later email ________________________

She uses it sparingly now because it is so effective. Between the 8 and 6 legged critters that she seems to attract it is her main defense. L.


The following is Feedback from our FIRST Type II Diabetic Test Subject,  VERY LITERALLY, all feedback since has been virtually identical.........

"Original first application it took about a week to completely clear up, versus about a month normally for scabs to heal.  Now if I get a scratch, and apply immediately, and use it 2-3 times a day it works great and no scabs form. "  D.F.


Just wanted to let you know how happy we were to purchase another bottle
of KCW for A***.

A*** had something wrong with his fingers.  He thought that it might be cancer or whatever as his finger was split, it hurt all the time and looked ugly.  A couple of people saw it and tried to get him to get it taken care of.  He had this problem for somewhere around  three months, maybe longer.  Tyla brought us a new bottle of KCW just this past week I believe it was and A*** called and said you are not going to believe this but my finger is almost healed already and I have only used this new bottle a couple of times.

A*** said be sure and tell David and Tyla about how quickly this healed his fingers.  He said that he would be more then happy to testify under oath as to how well this product worked on his hand.  As usual he did not take any pictures of before and after but said that he thought that maybe there was someone around him that could also verify how well it healed his hand.



I have battled Tenea Versicolor for the past 35 years. This fungal skin condition causes red splotches which do not tan. The condition is most common where skin touches skin, such as armpits, bicep/forearm area, etc.

I have gotten medicine prescribed from my doctor in the past that gradually causes the problem to go away, but it always comes back.

I tried the product you gave me. I purposely treated just one arm so I could see how well it works. Both arms were equal in the amount of rash present.

After just 4 applications on my left arm the splotches are entirely gone. Tell your supplier that I am going to leave the right arm untreated so he can see the results, just on case he might want a photo for marketing purposes. 

It will be interesting how long my skin stays clear this time.

Thanks again,



On this date a man and his wife drove 50 miles one direction to purchase 6 Bottles of K.C.W.. They had a bottle that was purchased at the Red Boiling Springs Folk Medicine Festival. They reported that K.C.W. had literally saved a finger for their son who is a Type II Diabetic that had an infected finger the doctors were talking about amputating but K.C.W. cleared the infection within a week.

As told to me by I. & B. T.



I can personally verify that this Kentucky Crystal Wonder really works!  On burns, bug bites, cuts, as a skin toner, even (dare I say it?) my 100 year old aunt's skin cancer on her nose and hand. Just call me a happy user!

Rachel1938  9-15-16

Not our first report of these results, but, the first to openly state it in feedback...... D.B.


Your medicine is Cats Ass Goooood stuff 
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12- 30-2015

What can I say, it is feedback......... D.B.


Speaking earlier of cats, K.C.W. isn't just for humans, we have used it on dogs, cats, horses, cows and birds with fantastic results. The feedback below is from one of our first internet customers.

1: I absolutely LOVE your product.  I call it my miracle juice :)  I attached some pics of one of my Kitty cats who got hurt but I used your sprays and DAYS later it changed dramatically - like literally 3-4 days. ‚ÄčThank you thank you thank you!  I will definitely be ordering more. Love what you do and I appreciate your amazing product.
Many Blessings, R.S.   "A life that serves others is a life fulfilled."
5-10-16 R.S.
2: Oh - to answer your question about how he got hurt. His cat dad loved him
so much he constantly tried to take this little guy out of their area. :0(
In the process he hurt his neck because of how aggressive he was. Now he
is much better and doesn't do that anymore.  Thanks again!
5-10-16 R.S.
3: Hi I would like to order 24 more bottles - Can you tell me the how much that
would cost so I can send a check?
8-12-16 R.S.



Was browning some pork chops, finished, turned off the burner, forgot that it was hot, wiped it off with a damp cloth, and fried my hand. Boy, did that hurt!! Grabbed a bottle of KCW, covered the burned area with the liquid, allowed it to dry, applied KCW again. It has stopped hurting and the skin on my hand is barely red. No sign of any blisters so far and don't expect any. KCW s a miracle potion!

9/26/16 ~ F.R.


I wanted to share that I was in Biloxi last week on a fishing trip with my son.  On this trip, the captain and first mate of the Sailfish were discussing the difficulties of dealing with handling hard-head salt-water catfish--painful barbs that feel like bee-stings when they pierce the skin and will hurt for a long time.  This is much worse than a freshwater catfish.  Also they told us that if we got jabbed by one of these, it
would form a nodular cyst at the puncture site.  I already knew this from my previous saltwater fishing trips--I had two that were healing from a recent trip.  I went to Grand Isle, Louisiana over the 4th of July week and had plenty of wounds from the salt-water catfish.  I had a handy bottle of KCW that worked "wonders"!  I shared a bottle with my Sailfish crew, and they immediately saw benefit of the analgesic properties!!!  Also, my cysts were almost completely resolved after a couple of weeks. They have had some of these cysts for months.  In short, I found another market for KCW--fishermen that share good products that make life better with other fishermen.
8-11-2017   K. R. B., PhD


Just wanted to let you know we found a new use for KCW that you may not be aware of yet.  We treated jellyfish stings at Virginia Beach!  The young lady recovered quickly and was back in the water in less than an hour.  She did great until she got her second sting lol; we treated that also and she recovered in even less time.  We love KCW!!!!
10-11-17  S and K

We WANT, and APPRECIATE, ALL Feedback, 

it is the best way to improve the product and our service.

     THANKS,      Dave