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Customers have reported, and I have personally seen the effect upon Staph with my own eyes (And to be honest I didn't believe what I saw at first, as to how quickly it worked). "Kentucky Crystal Wonder" has proven to be  HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at topically relieving and healing  BOTH, Staph and MRSA  related Pimples, Boils, Sores and/or Lesions, VISIBLE RESULTS are WITHIN HOURS, and Complete Skin Healing within a WEEK in EVERY REPORTED CASE, therefore the wonderful news, it is GREATLY REDUCING  the Possibility of Transmission to other Individuals.

In one M.D. diagnosed MRSA case, an individual has reported he had a severe and painful case of MRSA Boils on the back of his legs and butt that K.C.W. completely cleared within a few days and he further reported that after that recovery when the new pimples formed that he would apply K.C.W. a couple of times to the pimples and they would disappear overnight, never forming the Boils. To be honest I am glad we didn't get any photos in that case......

IMPORTANT STATEMENT....... K.C.W. is TOPICAL in action, it can only kill Staph or MRSA on or near the SKIN SURFACE. While this can be of great Benefit and Relief to patients and also help prevent transmission it CANNOT eliminate the MRSA from INSIDE the body by itself

Please, we need HELP..., we have only the Before/After photos that are below from 2012, as much as our customers TELL us what K.C.W. is doing for their MRSA outbreaks, to date nobody has sent any photos, I know it is gross and ugly but other people need to see these results.