There comes a time in life to Pay Tribute to your Origins and Honor the People that have Most Influenced your Life. Both myself, Dave, (Chief Chemist & Witch Doctor) and my right hand, Joe H. (Principal Med Tech) at "K.C.W." had the Honor and Privilege of being taught to love Science, Biology and Chemistry by A MOST BRILLIANT & WONDERFUL TEACHER in Glasgow High School, Miss Lee Smith. We can honestly say without Lee Smith’s early Guidance and Encouragement those many years ago this wonderful potion called "Kentucky Crystal Wonder" would not exist today. Beyond the love and respect of her many other Students over the years, it is now our Honor and Privilege to make it our mission to add "K.C.W." to the Legacy of Her Life, for without her, it would not exist.

Beyond her normal greeting to me, "Are You Hurt?". As long as I live, I will always remember how she started every semesters new classes, she would ask each class what was the "Greatest Science that was Known to Mankind". Her answer was always the same, "The Science of Mankind Getting Along with His or Her Fellow Mankind." I firmly believe it would be a Far Better World Today, if she could have Taught EVERYONE......., She and my friend Mike P. are missed..........

“K.C.W.”  Version #1 was created over 35 years ago as a personal cure for a very Persistent Foot/Toe Fungal Infection, and after substantial research, was initially based on some of the earliest recorded, and PROVEN EFFECTIVE, "FOLK MEDICINES" of early times. It was the usage of the natural healing mineral sulphate springs and other early and proven natural healing compounds that was the starting point of what is now known as "Kentucky Crystal Wonder". Thus the name of one of our products "
Essence of Red Boiling Springs
" to honor the natural healing mineral springs of Red Boiling Springs, TN., their history and their R.B.S. Folk Medicine Festival. “K.C.W.”  has been modified and improved over many years of use, feedback and research. The “K.C.W.”  of today is a long way from the Snake Oil and Patent Medicine of Old, some of which worked, and some did not.  In the "K.C.W." of today EVERY  INGREDIENT HAS  A SPECIFIC  FUNCTION, DOCUMENTED HISTORY, AND  A  PURPOSE IN THE SOLUTION and most have a history of THOUSANDS of YEARS of PROVEN MEDICAL EFFECTIVENESS, WITH LITTLE OR NO SIDE EFFECTS.  NO, Shortcuts, Cheapest Ingredients, Fillers, and Especially,  ABSOLUTELY  NO  STEROIDS  OR  ANTIBIOTICS.  “K.C.W.”  IS  MADE WITH  ALL FDA  APPROVED  LEGACY,  HISTORIC  NATURAL  ANTISEPTIC  &  ANALGESIC  COMPONENTS,  Highly Concentrated,  "VERY CHEMICALLY STABLE", Long Lasting  and  Non Expiring, when kept sealed, even if by accident you should leave a cap off and the liquid evaporate an effective solution can be recovered by simply adding the evaporated liquid back in the form of 50% to 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to bring back to the original volumeVERY  PROUDLY,  Made in KY,  U.S.A.  where QUALITY  IS  ALWAYS JOB  ONE, even more than ever, when YOUR, and OUR, HEALTH IS CONCERNED.   

REMEMBER “K.C.W.”  was....
MADE to USE, NOT to SELL for Big Profits.

In 1859 Chemist Robert Augustus Chesebrough discovered the basics of a new Miracle Healing compound in the oilfields of Titusville, PA. and in 1872 he patented a method of refining and producing a product that had
Amazing Healing Properties, that new product he trade named as "VASELINE". "Vaseline" acts as a waterproof shielding barrier from pathogens which also holds in moisture and allows skin to heal more naturally by inhibiting infections, in those 1870's days, THIS WAS THE SECRET INFECTION PREVENTING BREAKTHROUGH, and it is still very effective for many uses today. By the late 1800's and early 1900’s Chesebrough was also adding antibacterial components to his products to better Vaseline's healing effectiveness. Today, it would be difficult to find in the civilized world a home that does not have at least some form of "VASELINE", petroleum jelly or one of several secondary products.

Don’t forget Petroleum Jelly, it will be back in a moment..., From the 1870’s and Chemist Robert Chesebrough's "VASELINE", fast foreword about 150 years, and we now have "
Kentucky Crystal Wonder", another product with
Amazing Healing Properties, but, ENTIRELY DIFFERENT in both it's chemical components and healing processes. K.C.W.” ACTIVELY Kills Pathogens and Contagions UPON CONTACT, while like "VASELINE" to prevent Pathogen invasion it also forms a Protective Shielding Layer (dry powder film instead of a light grease) , instead of sealing in moisture like "VASELINE" does, "K.C.W." actuallyremoves skin moisture to reduce swelling and inflammation, which is especially effective when treating burns that would normally blister, thus, reducing infections, pain, tissue damage, scaring and healing times.

"Kentucky Crystal Wonder" is Today's answer to the 1800's
Healing Miracle"VASELINE", just UPDATED and IMPROVED.

Ironically, as luck would have it, in recent test, it has been found that in some cases the use of alternating “K.C.W.” and "VASELINE" petroleum jelly based antibiotic ointments every other day increases the healing more than either product by itself.
ALWAYS APPLY “K.C.W.” FIRST  to initially sterilize the surface. This procedure has proven especially effective in treatment and PREVENTION of Equine "Proud Flesh".

Kentucky Crystal Wonder (Trademarks & Patent Pending)  is an ALL



That can also be Used as a


 to Help Prevent the Transfer of Cold, Flu or Other Pathogens

and Contagions that are Normally Passed by Skin Contact.


It is My Belief it is Better to do Good for the World than Just Your Individual Self, and YES, it's a Spock kind of thing....,

I am Very Big on GOOD KARMA..........